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Bankruptcy Fact or Fiction

How much do we know about bankruptcy? We see television commercials and hear about famous people that have filed from the tabloids and it’s just human nature to make assumptions made when it comes to bankruptcy that just are not true. Cause Many people have never experienced severe financial hardship. Many believe that individuals who file for bankruptcy are just irresponsible when it comes to managing their money. This is not true. Many bankruptcies are a result of medical costs such as an unforeseen long-term illness that can have a devastating effect of a family’s finances. Other times individuals may be overwhelmed with legal costs associated with divorce or a wrongful conviction. Many times bankruptcy is just a result of an individual experiencing an unforeseen event in their life. Effect Think bankruptcy will remove any and all debts? Not so fast. If you have past child support payments before the…
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Debt Consolidation Scam – Beware

If you have gotten in over your head with student loans, credit card debt or medical bills and are wondering what to do about it, a debt consolidation may seem like a better idea than bankruptcy and what it will do to your credit rating. But beware of the debt consolidation scams which are lurking everywhere these days and may only push you further into debt. Filing for bankruptcy may be a better solution than you think. Recently, the National Consumer Law Center did a secret shopper investigation of 10 debt-relief agencies and discovered a variety of scams, deceptive practices, and overcharging that would severely hamper any borrower’s attempt to relieve themselves of debt. Some of the most common included: Charging large up-front fees before doing anything. Characterizing government services as their own. Charging for free government debt relief programs. Not including a three-day cancellation clause in their contracts as…
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Student Loan Consolidation – Part 2

Today we continue our series on Student Loans, written by Sader Law Firm attorney Megan Dennis. PART 2: LOAN CONSOLIDATION When a person first finishes school, one of the main topics of conversation amongst their peers will be the much dreaded student loan repayment. Some people will brag about the low interest rate they locked in by consolidating their student loans. Others will indicate that they opted to keep their loans “as is” and make the payments separately. So what exactly is consolidation? It is combining some or all of your student loans into one new loan. Only certain student loans are eligible for consolidation. Private student loans are not eligible for consolidation. For a complete list on what loans are eligible for consolidation, please visit the U.S. Department of Education’s website. The pros of consolidation: It can lower monthly payments and can lock in a fixed interest rate. The…
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