Does Your Business Need Debt Relief?

Kansas City Business Bankruptcy Attorney Give Options for the Best Solution

The Sader Law Firm takes pride in helping businesses find remedies needed to end collection calls, reduce debt and to move past financial difficulties. Unlike other firms that practice bankruptcy law in addition to other legal areas, our main priority is dealing with individual and business bankruptcy. We believe that if you can go to the same law office for a traffic ticket as you would a bankruptcy filing, then your case is not getting the attention it deserves.

If your business is facing overwhelming debt and you want to know what steps to take to keep open or shut the doors, then we can discuss your best strategy.

Our firm offers business owners many options. View a PDF detailing our Chapter 11 services.

This may include Chapter 11 bankruptcy to continue operations, Chapter 7 bankruptcy to wind down or out-of-court alternatives such as a workout.

Business Bankruptcy Attorney Who Helps Companies File Bankruptcy

Lawyers at The Sader Law Firm are experienced both as debtor’s and creditor’s counsel in bankruptcy cases. We advise companies ranging in size from small local businesses to international corporations on the benefits they can expect to receive through bankruptcy filings, such as:

  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy – restructure your business by forcing creditors, like suppliers, banks and landlords, to accept reduced payments or payments over time while allowing the business to continue operations
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy – help you wind down your business and stop creditor harassment
  • Business workouts – provides a method of reorganizing debt without filing bankruptcy

How Can Our Lawyers Help You?

We can review your business’ financial outlook and tailor the most beneficial debt relief strategy for your circumstances. As part of its business bankruptcy practice, our firm is experienced in guiding businesses through a number of related bankruptcy issues, including:

  • All types of adversary proceedings
  • Commercial leases, such as assisting landlords in recovering possession of leased premises as quickly as possible and in collecting pre-petition and post-petition rent due and owing
  • Dischargeability of debt issues in both Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • Executory contract and lease issues surrounding their assumption and rejection
  • Filing proofs of claim for secured and unsecured creditors as well as administrative claims
  • Involuntary bankruptcy petitions both on behalf of creditors and debtors
  • Motions for relief from the automatic stay, which allows creditors to recover their collateral as quickly as possible for their payments
  • Objections to Chapter 11 bankruptcy plans or discriminatory treatment of a party
  • Preference cases and their defense
  • Sale of business assets whether in or out of the ordinary course of business
  • Assisting secured creditors assert their lien rights to collateral and payment and assure them full protection under the law
  • UCC Statement review and verification of perfection of lien claims
  • Valuation issues, which can greatly affect a Chapter 11 plan and a creditor’s recovery

What Can I Do if a Customer Who Owes My Business Money Filed for Bankruptcy?

Our lawyers also work with many businesses that are creditors in bankruptcy cases. We help them to maximize their chances of recovering property or getting claims paid from debtors. If a customer files bankruptcy and owes your business money, then your business becomes a creditor in the customer’s bankruptcy. Improperly handling these creditor issues can be costly to any business and may also push your business into its own financial mess.

Several issues can arise for creditors in bankruptcy, such as:

  • Needing to file a proper proof of claim
  • Resolving the bankruptcy trustee’s objections to your proof of claim
  • Objecting to a discharge of certain debts
  • Protecting your business’ rights to continued payments, assets and collateral
  • Monitoring the status of any contracts or leases your business had with the debtor
  • Defending against preference and fraudulent transfer lawsuits filed by the bankruptcy trustee
  • Objecting to a Chapter 11 plan that does not treat the creditors equitably and according to the Bankruptcy Code

Find a Bankruptcy Attorney Near Kansas City

If your business needs financial help or help as a creditor in a bankruptcy, then contact our bankruptcy lawyers. We offer a free phone consultation; let us help you protect your bottom line. We help business clients in bankruptcy courts throughout the states of Missouri and Kansas. Please feel free to email or call attorney Neil S. Sader at (816) 561 1818 to discuss any bankruptcy related questions you may have. Initial phone consultations are always free.