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Student Loans – Pay As You Earn

There’s a lot of buzz right now regarding student loans, especially in light of the new repayment plan put into place by the U.S. Department of Education on December 21, 2012, called the Pay As You Earn Repayment Plan. So what exactly is the Pay As You Earn Repayment Plan? How is it different from the Standard Repayment Plan? What is loan consolidation? Is there any way to have my student loans forgiven? We are covering this in a three-part blog series meant to help you understand all the terminology and how your choices with respect to your student loans affect your finances. Part 1: Repayment Part 2: Consolidation Part 3: Forgiveness & Discharge

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Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy

People file for bankruptcy for any number of reasons. They may have used credit cards a bit too often. A recent divorce or death in the family may have made times difficult. Or, a string of bad luck involving unemployment and unexpected medical bills may have led to financial problems. Bankruptcy may be the best opportunity for someone to reorganize their finances so that their future earnings are going toward upcoming expenses instead of past mistakes. Even though filing for bankruptcy is a major decision, the financial improvements you see should start immediately. However, those who file should also be concerned with overcoming the negatives associated with it. A recent study showed that, over time, people who file for bankruptcy match non-filers in important measures like home ownership, savings, and credit card use. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, a Kansas City bankruptcy attorney can explain the effects of…
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Fathers Can Always Make It Right, Right?

In light of Father’s Day approaching, I decided to write this article about fathers. Fathers play a huge role in their children’s lives. My father taught me that a true gentleman always holds the door open for a lady and that if a lady is cold, a guy should give her his jacket. He taught me that a baseball game is not about who wins or loses – it’s about enjoying the weather, the company, and the atmosphere. My dad taught me that night crawlers are the best bait for reeling in the big catch. He also taught me to give and give freely without expecting anything in return. The lesson he taught me that sticks out to me the most as I write this article is: No matter how broke something is, daddy can always make it right… or at least break his back trying. In my line of…
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