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IRS Free File Available Until October 15

We have good news if you still have to file taxes for 2019. If you meet the necessary eligibility requirements, you can still file your taxes for free until October 15.  The IRS partners with multiple tax filing services that offer free filing options. Free file services that are partnered with the IRS were enormously popular in 2020. In fact, usage of free filing services increased by 50% since 2019. Below, we discuss what to know about the services and their various eligibility requirements.  IRS Free File Eligibility If you made $69,000 or less in 2019, then you can visit the IRS’ website to choose from one of the various free filing services. TurboTax, TaxSlayer and H&R Block are some of the more well-known free file services currently partnered with the IRS. Many services are available in English and Spanish. You can receive a more comprehensive list by clicking this…
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How to File Your Taxes Online for Free

Tax season is finally upon us. If you are getting ready to file your taxes without assistance, then you should be aware of several options that allow you to file for free. You could use the IRS’ Free File program if you have an adjusted gross income of $69,000 or less.   Several years ago, the IRS partnered with multiple businesses who offer free digital filing services for certain people. Depending on whether you qualify, you could use free software that helps you file your taxes. Filing Your Taxes With Free Software You can go to the IRS website to find a list of companies who offer free filing services. Keep in mind, each company has different eligibility requirements. Some of the options require that you make $36,000 a year or less. There could be additional requirements, so be sure to carefully research your options.   You might have several…
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3 Helpful Tips for Filing Your Taxes in 2020

  Tax season is quickly approaching, which may not be the most exciting news. We all hope for a quick and painless tax season, and perhaps a substantial refund, this time of year. Fortunately, there are ways of making the filing process easier, and thus more enjoyable. Below we sketch out some top tips for filing taxes in 2020, along with information on how to handle bankruptcy and the IRS. Tips for Filing Your Taxes in 2020 1. Find a free filing service. There are now many free tax filing services available online. The IRS offers their Free File option on their official website. For those who make less than $69,000 a year, Free File offers name brand software for filing federal taxes. Those who make more can find an electronic alternative to the traditional paper tax forms. You can also use Free File to get an automatic six-month extension…
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