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Filing for a bankruptcy can eliminate debts that have been placed in collections and stop phone calls from collection agencies.

The Top 5 Powers That Chapter 13 Has That Chapter 7 Lacks

By STEVEN LONG Many people seeking the relief afforded by bankruptcy want to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I have heard initial disappointment from some in discovering that they do not actually qualify for a Chapter 7. They filed too recently, their income is too high to qualify or because they had property that they wanted to keep. In truth, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not a compromise. It is often the case that everything Chapter 7 can do, Chapter 13 can do better. Power 1: Saving the House  If an individual is behind on mortgage payments, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a bad solution for that problem. A Chapter 7 can cancel a foreclosure sale but does effectively nothing to bring the account current. What is often seen as a strength of Chapter 7 is its weakness here – Chapter 7 cases are brief. As is the protection they afford….
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COVID Financial Relief for Kansas and Missouri Residents

Vaccines for COVID-19 are finally on the horizon. Unfortunately for millions of people, the vaccine will not mean relief from a crushing financial crisis. Many Kansas and Missouri residents are still out of work. This trend may continue in the near future. If you are out of work and are facing a difficult situation, there are some financial relief programs you may qualify for in Kansas or Missouri. Financial Relief for Evictions and Utilities Depending on where you live, you may have access to resources that can help prevent eviction. Kansas has the Kansas Eviction Prevention Program, also called KEPP. Unfortunately, your deadline to apply for this program, if you were eligible, was December 15.  However, the Kansas City Housing Corporation says on its website that KEPP funding might be renewed for 2021 depending on the actions of state and federal lawmakers.  There are multiple eviction prevention and bill pay…
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How Do I Stop a Wage Garnishment?

There are a number of consequences you can face for falling behind on your debt obligations. You could experience financial problems due to a wage garnishment. This is where the creditor obtains a judgment and then attempts to collect on that judgment through a garnishment on  your wages. With federal student loans, past due taxes and child support, a judgment is not necessary. The latter examples are cases that involve government entities. Not only are wage garnishments embarrassing because your employer finds out, a fairly decent chunk of your pay may be withheld to satisfy the debt.  You may have a couple of options for stopping a wage garnishment for debts. Bankruptcy and negotiating with the creditor are two possible options for getting rid of a wage garnishment.  How Filing for Bankruptcy Can Stop a Wage Garnishment Bankruptcy can halt credit collection attempts, including wage garnishments, because an automatic stay…
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