Looking for Cheap Veterinary Care Near Kansas City?

Posted on November 9, 2016 at 12:00pm by

Cheap veterinary care may exist near you!If you are considering veterinary care for your pet, you may be caught off guard by the costs. Emergency care or surgery can cost thousands of dollars. Other procedures like vaccines or heartworm checkups may be less expensive, but can still be cost-prohibitive during personal financial emergencies. These cheap veterinary care tips may help you make costs more affordable.

5 Tips for Lowering Veterinary Bills

  1. Use veterinary schools: You can receive veterinary services at schools. All procedures are performed by students, but supervised by licensed veterinarians. To find a veterinary school in your area, use the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Use the “search by location” feature and select your state.
  2. Use a charity: The Humane Society has a list of nonprofit groups that offer financial assistance for pet owners. Missouri residents have 11 organizations they can choose. Kansas residents have four they can pick. Services offered include spay and neuter assistance, vaccinations or heartworm prevention assistance.
  3. Buy medications online: If you are struggling financially, your local veterinary clinic may not be the best place to buy medications. Online stores offer cheap deals on everything from heartworm prevention medication to antibiotics. Places like www.1800petmeds.com or www.drsfostersmith.com might be cheaper than the local clinic.
  4. Go to clinics in poorer areas: The Humane Society recommends going to clinics in areas with lower incomes. Clinics in these areas may charge less for services.
  5. Ask for a payment plan: Some vets may allow you to set up monthly payment plans. In other cases, a clinic may allow you to perform services for a lowered bill, such as cleaning kennels or answering phones.

The downside is that cheaper veterinary care may be riskier. It is important to weigh these risks, and choose several options that can lower bills while offering the best level of care.

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