How Fast are Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharges?

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After a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is filed, a section 341 meeting, also known as a “meeting of creditors” is scheduled with to take place within 21-40 days of the filing. A debtor must attend his or her section 341 meeting or the bankruptcy case will be dismissed.

For individual debtors filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, debtors are eligible to receive their Chapter 7 discharge sixty (60) days after the date set for the section 341 meeting, unless a creditor files a timely objection or the bankruptcy court orders otherwise.

In the normal case where there are no complaints objecting to discharge filed in a timely manner, the debtor will receive a discharge within five (5) working days after the sixty (60) days has passed.

In the event of bankruptcy schedules needing to be amended after filing, a notice of amendment to schedules will be filed (to add creditors, etc.), the discharge will be delayed an additional thirty (30) days from the date of filing the notice of amendment.

It is also required that the debtor complete a Personal Financial Management Course and the debtor must file necessary form (AO B23). If a debtor fails to complete the Personal Financial Management Course and file the required form, the debtor’s discharge will be delayed. Failure to complete the Personal Financial Management Course may result in the debtor’s case closing without issuing a discharge to the debtor. If this happens and the debtor wishes to file the required forms and apply for discharge, the debtor will incur additional fees such as a case reopening fee.

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