Where Are The Best Places To Take A Date In Kansas City For Cheap?

Posted on July 27, 2015 at 12:00pm by
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Living frugally does not mean it is impossible to date, but it does involve being creative and doing some homework on affordable places. Kansas City has multiple locations where dates can bring two people together, even with money problems.

Kansas City’s bike sharing program, B-Cycle, is inexpensive and beautiful this time of year. With 27 starting locations to choose from, B-Cycle is a flexible and cheap option. A date could turn into a memorable ride through Cliff Drive Byway, five miles of mountain biking trails and beautiful forests.

After riding through gorgeous trails with a forest backdrop, couples could make a trip to the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art. The museum features sculptures and other feats of artistic ingenuity at no cost. Upon finishing an exhibition of creative works of art, couples could order coffee at the Café Sebastienne located in the center of the museum.

A perfect and inexpensive date can conclude in River Bluff Park, which has locations where couples can make dinner and enjoy the sunset together. With multiple trails and gorgeous views, it can be the perfect spot for getting to know each other better.  After dinner, a date can end with a walk across River Bluff Park Bridge for that perfect moment.

Living the frugal life while dating can be done with enough willpower, creativity and compassion. We hope this blog post will help Kansas City couples create a night to remember.

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