The Cheapest Places In Kansas City To Take Your Kids

Posted on August 14, 2015 at 12:00pm by
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While going through difficult financial times, it can be helpful to take your mind off negative thoughts and spend a Saturday or Sunday with family. Kansas City has locations that can help families on a budget create a memorable day together.

Families with young children can visit the Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead. This Overland Park location is built to look like a classic turn-of-the-century farmland. With a fishing pond, horses and other animals, this location offers a charming start to a memorable day. Admissions cost $2 per person on weekends.

After starting the day reliving life in the early 20th century, families could help their children develop their creativity. Kaleidoscope offers free family art sessions where children can bring their artistic creations to life. Although the sessions are geared towards larger groups, families can call ahead of time to register. The sessions last 45 minutes and can be a great activity before enjoying lunch.

After eating a bagged lunch, parents can take an hour or two to clear their heads while the kids enjoy the Matt Ross Indoor Park. The Matt Ross Indoor Park has a game room, playground and four indoor pools. There are multiple activities for kids to choose from at no cost for families. Just be sure to bring ID for adults.

Hopefully by this point in the day, the kids will be tired and ready to head home! For future updates on the cheapest Kansas City locations to have fun, follow The Sader Law Firm on Facebook.

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