Sader Spotlight: Bradley D. McCormack

Posted on September 2, 2021 at 10:24am by

Sader Law Firm partner Bradley McCormack joined the firm in 2007 after stints with Legal Aid of Western Missouri and the Missouri Attorney General’s office and practicing corporate law in-house. He now focuses his practice where he currently focuses his practice on Chapter 11 bankruptcy, commercial real estate and commercial litigation.

Read more about Brad, a key member of our team who believes in helping others and breaking the mold of the stereotypical attorney, in this edition of our “Sader Spotlight:”

Why did you want to become an attorney? What made you decide on bankruptcy?
Growing up my parents really stressed service for others. My family had gone to Jesuit schools and they are very service orientated. I eventually went to Jesuit schools and was taught the same thing. It became very important to me to find a career where I could help others. Going in to law I knew there would be an opportunity to help people navigate difficult situations and actually use “the system” instead of allowing them to be abused by it. I did not intentionally choose bankruptcy, but once I started to practice in this area of law, I discovered that it is a fantastic avenue to help people who are going through some of the most difficult points in their life.

What do you enjoy most about working at Sader Law Firm?
I like being at a mid-sized firm because you intimately know your clients. You have the opportunity to become invested with someone in their case and by extension their life. You can truly connect with someone as you represent them.

What is the best thing about being a bankruptcy attorney?
Talking to a client after their case is completed and congratulating them on the work they put in to make it succeed. Most clients come to me at a low point; I like to be able to leave them feeling good about themselves.

What inspires you (professionally and/or personally)?
I’m incredibly lucky to be an educated white male in America. I have a privilege that I did not earn, but comes to me just by who I am. It is not fair, but it is reality. I can either use it for personal gain or to lift up others who were not so lucky and work to level the playing field. I want to work to make a more equal society for everyone.

What is the best advice you received as an up and coming attorney?
“If you get a resolution to a problem and everyone is upset with it, you probably did what was right.”

What is your biggest goal for your legal career?
Everyone knows lawyer jokes, and many people can tell you about a lawyer who they didn’t like. I want people to be able to say, “Yeah but I knew one guy who was different …”

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?
Myself, my wife Annie and son Teddy are very involved with St. Peters, which is our parish and Teddy’s school. I have coached a lot of sports over the years and served on various committees and organizations. We love to have people over to hang out and socialize.