Impacted By Shut-Down? No Up Front Ch. 13 Fees

Posted on October 3, 2013 at 11:51am by


No Up Front Attorney Fee Chapter 13 For Those Impacted By The Shut-Down

The Sader Law Firm in Kansas City has announced it is offering to file, for those directly affected by the Federal Government Shut-Down, Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases for $0 in up front attorney fees! Efforts will also be made to get court fees etc. waived. Neil S. Sader, Managing Member of the Firm, is making the offer to those in Missouri and Kansas who are impacted. Sader said, “The Shut-Down means thousands of people and families in our area may not be able to make mortgage payments, car payments, loan payments etc. The thought of those folks losing their homes or cars due to the Shut-Down is unreal. We want to be of help if we can.”

The offer applies to those in the Kansas City area directly impacted as federal employees, federal contractors, or pensioners. Sader added, “This is a way to help those affected save a home, car, stop a foreclosure or garnishment. After all, the Shut-Down does not apply to banks, mortgage companies and other lenders. We urge people affected to please call us, let us know they are impacted, and ask for a free phone consultation.”

The Sader Law Firm is a full service bankruptcy law firm in Kansas City serving the Kansas City metropolitan area throughout both Missouri and Kansas. It maintains one of the largest consumer bankruptcy practices in the area and is a top rated firm by Martindale-Hubbell and The Firm always offers free phone consultations (816-281-6349) and further information is available at To directly contact Neil Sader, call 816-281-6349 or email [email protected]


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