Another Great Testimonial!

Posted on May 19, 2014 at 7:25am by

I had been in bankruptcy with a prior firm before finding Tracy and Sader Law Firm. I had so many problems with the prior firm and think that I basically wasted 3 years of my time with them. In dealing with them, I never knew who I was going to be dealing with because of staff turnover and they never followed through on what they told me they would do. I also hated going into the office because it was horribly unprofessional looking. After having the bankruptcy dismissed for the 3rd time because of unclear advice/instructions from the prior firm, I called Sader Law firm and started working with Tracy in January 2014. Tracy has been a godsend to work with!!! She is pleasant to deal with and always does what she says she will do. She gives me clear and timely advise. My only regret is not finding them in the beginning of my bankruptcy and this could have saved me probably 3 years.