A Kansas City Parent’s Guide to Getting Cheap or Free School Supplies

Posted on September 4, 2015 at 12:00pm by
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Back-to-school supplies can be an unaffordable expense for families who are struggling financially. Fortunately, several local charities and stores in the Kansas City area can provide families a means to obtain cheap or free back-to-school supplies.

  • Every year, the Salvation Army of Kansas & Western Missouri offers families in need free school supplies. Recently, the Salvation Army held a local back-to-school drive where over 1,200 children received backpacks and other supplies. The charity drive even gave children grades K-6 free shoes.
  • Assistance League of Kansas City owns the Resale Shop, which can provide families with back-to-school clothing and supplies. Parents can purchase new backpacks, art supplies and books at very low costs. The Assistance League of Kansas City also runs Operation Child in Need for families who are struggling financially. Requests for assistance can be made through schools or social workers.
  • The Community Assistance Council hosts back-to-school drives every year for families who are unable to afford school supplies. For parents in need of new clothing for their children, this organization also offers charity clothes drives.
  • The Grandview Assistance Program provides clothing and school supplies to struggling families. Parents can obtain crayons, notebooks, pencils and glue for their children.
  • For parents who want to quickly run into a store and grab cheap supplies, Goodwill has three locations in Kansas City. Goodwill offers used supplies and clothing at extremely low prices. If one store does not have what you are looking for, there are two other locations to visit.

Many people experiencing financial hardship are facing circumstances beyond their control. It is a great honor for The Sader Law Firm to provide information on the best deals and charities in Kansas City. We hope our blog can help struggling families locate the school supplies they need for their children.

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