How Can Borrowers Fight Back Against Ruthless Debt Collectors?

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Defaulting on debts can lead to credit collection agencies calling your home and mobile phone constantly, causing great amounts of frustration. In extreme cases, debt collectors will use threatening language, call at late hours of the night, contact you at work and give misleading statements. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, these actions are illegal and give you options for fighting back.

  • Document harassing phone calls and illegal actions by debt collectors. Create notes every time they call, and if possible, have another person present.
  • When debt collectors use mafia tactics, it is time to file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission or your state Attorney General’s Office using any information you have collected. If you really want to be heard, it cannot hurt to contact both. If enough people have complained about the collection agency, it is possible the FTC or Attorney General will take action.
  • Hire an attorney and file for bankruptcy. Resolving the debts owed can become a permanent solution for ending harassment if debts can be successfully discharged. An attorney can also give advice on how to defend against debt collectors breaking laws.

Can Filing For Bankruptcy Stop Debt Collectors?

  • Filing for bankruptcy creates an automatic stay, which stops most collection activities during the process of bankruptcy. This includes those annoying phone calls from hidden numbers.
  • If filing for bankruptcy succeeds in discharging debts, debt collectors must cease all activities. Filing for bankruptcy can become a permanent solution for ending debt collector harassment.

Bankruptcy attorneys can have years of experience handling abusive debt collectors, and will know what options are available to put an end to harassment.

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