Financial Trouble and the Holiday Season

Posted on December 27, 2013 at 11:30am by

At the Sader Law Firm, we understand that the holidays can bring not only joy, but also additional stress to families. Often times, financial difficulties due to mounting debt or loss of income seem magnified by the holiday season and New Year. If you find yourself reading this article, you may yourself be dealing with uncertainty and concerns related to your family’s financial well-being. We want you to know that you are not alone and have options.

If financial difficulties or mounting debt problems seem unmanageable or you are facing a foreclosure or lawsuit for a debt, give us a call. You do not have to face these issues alone.

Our bankruptcy lawyers have helped families explore their bankruptcy options in Missouri and Kansas in almost every situation imaginable.B Is your home being foreclosed on? Do you have garnishments on your paycheck? Are medical bills piling up from an illness? We understand. For individuals or families, there are many bankruptcy options available, and no two bankruptcies are exactly the same.

A common misconception many people have with filing bankruptcy is that they will lose everything, including their home. While there is potential to have some of your assets sold to pay creditors, bankruptcy laws allow you to protect assets and income from creditors. Both Kansas and Missouri laws provide exemptions, which make certain personal property “exempt” or protected from creditors. Which types of property have exemptions and the amount of these exemptions varies from state-to-state.

During our free phone consultation we will discuss your specific situation to find out if bankruptcy in Missouri or Kansas is appropriate for you, and what type of bankruptcy options you have.

If you find yourself this holiday season being overcome with collection calls, pending home foreclosure, or other debt-related problems, give us a call. We understand the pressures and hardships faced by families all over Kansas City, and we want you to know that you have options and can work towards a brighter 2014.