Debt Consolidation Scams Promise to Stop Creditors. Do They?

Posted on October 25, 2013 at 6:03am by

You’ve seen the television commercials, heard about it on the radio, maybe even clicked on internet banners or brochures. Debt consolidation solutions sound like an easy way out. Consolidate your debt into one easy to payment is great. Paying to use services to make this possible isn’t necessary, but many people fall prey to it. The result can be more debt with little to no results. Fooling with them isn’t worth the hassle because your creditors can still harass you.

Debt consolidation companies claim to help you pay some or all debt. They promise to narrow down debt from many sources into one easy to manage payment. They vow to stop creditors from harassing you. In reality they do nothing but collect money from you. They keep you in debt, don’t take responsibility and won’t lift a finger to keep creditors away. It’s easy to lose track of debts because you rely so much on the debt consolidation company to handle this for you. The only thing you’ll get in return is more stress.

Nothing in life is easy, and debt consolidation scams, as easy as they are to get into, make getting out of debt even harder. Creditors don’t care what you’re going through; they want their money. Save yourself the stress and call The Sader Law Firm and stop creditors in their tracks. Contact us today for more information on how to avoid debt consolidation scams.