Wright Career College Announces Closing and Bankruptcy

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Wright Career College Announces Immediate Closing of All Campuses and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas, April 15, 2016 – Mission Group Kansas, Inc. (doing business as Wright Career College) today announced that the Company had filed a Voluntary Petition for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in the District of Kansas. Wright Career College has ceased substantially all operations and discontinued instruction at its 5 campuses. The Company had been in negotiations with several parties to arrange for teach-out partners to allow its students to continue their education, however these efforts were unsuccessful. Additionally, the Company has been advised by a number of schools that they will accept transfer credits from Wright Career College students.

Wright Career College is a Not for Profit College that has operated in the Kansas City Metropolitan area since its founding as Dickinson Business School in 1921.

Information about the closure is posted on the following two websites:

Wright Career College Site:

Bankruptcy Information Site:

Campuses closed include Wright’s Overland Park, Kansas campus as well as its locations in Wichita, Kansas; Omaha, Nebraska; Tulsa, Oklahoma and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

“We are saddened by these events,” said John Mucci, President. “From our beginning in 1921 until our closure, we have always operated with the focus of putting the interests of our students first. It is unfortunate our students cannot complete their programs at Wright Career College. I would like to thank our employees for their tireless dedication and commitment in helping our students achieve their educational and career goals.”

Mission Group Kansas, Inc. is represented by The Sader Law Firm located in Kansas City, Missouri. Information about The Sader Law Firm and the Bankruptcy filing may be found on its website at: https://www.saderlawfirm.com

Past and present students are highly encouraged to check these websites for information regarding their student records, student loans and options on how to handle those loans and other important Bankruptcy information. The sites will be updated as the case progresses and will provide students with an opportunity to review all filed documents as well as provide information for students and creditors on whether it will be necessary for them to file Proofs of Claim in the Bankruptcy and other deadlines.