Would You Date Someone Who’s Filed Bankruptcy?

Posted on February 2, 2012 at 11:44am by

Bankruptcy isn’t necessarily something that comes up on a first date. But if you are dating, and you have filed Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy (or are considering), at some point in the relationship the topic of finances is bound to come up. So what does personal bankruptcy say about you or the person you’re dating? Damaged goods or deserving of a second chance?

Millions of personal bankruptcies have been filed in the past few years; a number of them fueled by a rocky U.S. economy as of late. Thus, the likelihood of dating someone who has filed at some point is steadily increasing. Maybe you’ve already run into this. Do you run for the hills or accept it for what it is?

But what is “it” exactly? Is it a character flaw, financial irresponsibility, or just a set of circumstances beyond control? Is it responsible to file for personal bankruptcy or irresponsible? How you perceive may very well determine the course and outcome of your relationship.

Leslie Greenman, author of “Dating Our Money” says that there’s just no simple answer, and we agree. A lot can be learned from the circumstances surrounding the bankruptcy. Was it a result of untimely medical bills? Sudden unemployment? Or was it irresponsible credit card use or overspending?

Regardless of the circumstances, ideally you want to focus on the present. Has your partner taken advantage of their fresh start by doing things differently?

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