No Substitute for High Quality Work

Posted on June 26, 2013 at 11:10am by

Kansas City, MO – For Tracy Wrisinger of Kansas City’s Sader Law Firm, learning the ins and outs of bankruptcy law started because of a desire to help small business owners.

“I have an MBA, and I’ve run a couple of small businesses, so I’m very much small business-oriented,” Wrisinger explained in a recent interview with “Many small businesses started going under about five or six years ago, so I started learning about bankruptcy to advise my clients, and in the process, learned that I really like this area of the law.”

Contrary to what many people may believe about bankruptcy filers, Wrisinger says that most people who have debts discharged did nothing wrong. “Most of my clients are not here because they were irresponsible or reckless, but because life happened to them,” she says. “Either the economy happened to my business clients, or people have medical bills or lose jobs. They feel overwhelmed and stressed, and it’s a way to reorganize and help them regroup and get a fresh start.”

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