Lawyers Tactics Lead To Bankruptcy

Posted on January 9, 2012 at 9:43am by

The courts say attorney John Murrin went too far in pursuing mortgage fraud. Mr. Murrin says “I got the shaft.” The well known founder of DIAL L-A-W-Y-E-R-S found himself forced into bankruptcy last week, after sinking over half-a-million dollars into Avidigm Capital, a Minnesota based real-estate firm.

After investing in the firm, who specialized in distressed properties, Murrin wanted out after alleging that Avidigm was actively engaged in a fraudulent scheme called “equity-skimming”. Turns out, Murrin (and the FBI) was right. Several convictions, including that of the company’s CEO were handed down.

But Murrin also wanted his money back and he wanted to expose Avidigm for what it was. Which he did, but with just a bit too much zeal