Lawyers Not Answering Calls?

Posted on November 14, 2011 at 10:21am by

I recently attended a seminar put on by the National Consumer Bankruptcy Association. It was interesting to hear business tips from other small firm bankruptcy lawyers. We were amazed to hear some of the presenters actually suggesting to those of us in attendance that we not speak with our clients over the phone. Or at the least, that we work to minimize phone contact and suggest email as an alternative. One presenter actually boasted that he tells clients not to call him and to only email. Another bragged that he had first consultations over the computer, “Skyped” the meetings, and emailed them to clients so that they would be discouraged from asking the same questions later on. Granted, those suggesting this idea were obviously very tech savvy and mostly from the east coast (admittedly where I was born). However, (and I am happy to say) a number of us looked at each other in amazement.

After practicing bankruptcy law for over 25 years, I have learned that I am best able to convey information to those worried about filing, and to those in the process, by talking with them. Over the phone, in my office, at presentations…the point is that a vital part of being an attorney is that we communicate with our clients and address their concerns. I am happy to say, that I also enjoy the opportunity to talk with my clients, provide them much needed information and even offer advice that can help them make the best possible decision.

While at The Sader Law Firm we use many high tech tools to help our clients, we will never become so high tech that we discourage phone calls and will always do our best to answer and return calls right away. Especially in an area such as bankruptcy law, where there is no often no right or wrong answer as to how best to proceed, lawyers and clients should be encouraged to talk with each other and get to know one another. It is my hope that any trend to discourage actual discussions between attorneys and clients is very short lived. -Neil Sader

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