IRS Slaps Tax Lady with $183,000 Tax Lien

Posted on June 7, 2011 at 11:47am by

In the interests of full disclosure…maybe lawyers are not always to be trusted along with Debt Relief agencies!

Sacramento, California – In another sign of the Tax Lady’s financial woes, attorney Roni Lynn Deutch has been slapped with a $183,000 federal tax lien, according to recent filings by the Internal Revenue Service.

The lien against Deutch, who built a $25-million-a-year tax resolution law firm that promised clients relief from the IRS, was filed May 9 in Placer County.

A few days later, Deutch shuttered her North Highlands law firm amid state allegations that she cheated clients out of millions, owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in refunds and had destroyed millions of pages of documents in violation of court orders.