Buick Gets on the Basketball Court Post-Bankruptcy

Posted on March 17, 2011 at 3:56pm by

Part of the reduction of assets in the lead-up to General Motor’s bankruptcy was Buick’s divesting of its long-standing golf sponsorship. It was well timed, too, as it let its Tiger Woods sponsorship go at just the right time. Now Buick is ready to use sports marketing, again, to bolster its reputation and consideration among educated, affluent American consumers.

Forget golf. That’s old Buick, as in the Century, the Lucerne, the Rendezvous, and the old LaCrosse, and owners using the game as an excuse to wear funny pants. Buick has signed up with the National Collegiate Athletic Association as a lead sponsor. We’re not just talking NCAA men’s basketball and all the bracket-action going on as we speak, though that helps. Buick will be a sponsor for NCAA ice hockey, women’s soccer, lacrosse and college football, which could become the only game in town this fall if the National Football League and the players fail to make up.

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