10 Quick Tips to Lower Utility Bills This Summer

Posted on June 20, 2012 at 10:11am by

The kids are out of school, barbecues are in full swing, and the pool is the place to be on a hot Midwest afternoon. With the coming of summer also comes that moment of panic many people experience when they receive their utility bill in the mail every month. When the mercury rises, utility costs can sink your checkbook. Take a look at 10 quick tips on how to lower utility bills and save yourself a heart attack when the KCP&L envelope appears in your mailbox:

  1. Unplug Devices – devices such as cell phones, computers, televisions, and microwaves continue to drain power even when they are not on. Unplug devices that you are not currently using, or buy a Smart Strip that will cut power when devices are turned off.
  2. Use fans instead of central AC – circulating air with overhead fans delays having to turn the AC on, and are most useful on cool summer evenings when you can leave windows open.
  3. Close doors and vents b shut off vents and shut doors in rooms you are not using. Why pay to cool down a vacant room?
  4. Enjoy free AC – When the heat can’t be beat, save your own utility meter by going to a public place that has free AC. Some free outings include going to enjoy the architecture at Union Station or viewing art at Nelson-Atkins.
  5. Turn off lights – not only will this save on the light bill, it will reduce heat. Enjoy a candlelit dinner, or trade in harsh over lighting for softer lamp light.
  6. Get your AC inspected – making sure it is leak free will help your AC run more efficiently.
  7. Turn off AC during the day – set the room temperature high during the day when no one is home. Why make it comfortable when no one is home?
  8. Hang laundry outside – dryers steal a lot of energy; why not utilize the sun for free?
  9. Close blinds and curtains – keeping the sunlight out will help cool rooms.
  10. Ban oven use during the heat of the day – instead of turning on the oven to cook lunch, try a salad or some cold food. Ovens permeate heat through your house, making your AC work overtime.

With these 10 tips you are on your way to ensuring a balanced budget this summer without sacrificing comfort in your home!