What Happens In A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Posted on March 13, 2015 at 10:25am by

Kansas City Lawyer Answers Your Questions

Bankruptcy lawyer Christian D. Nafziger explains how you can keep your house and car when filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the benefits of Chapter 7 and what types of debts you can discharge. If you have more questions about Chapter 7 bankruptcy, contact our attorneys to learn more about the best solutions for your specific situation.

Video Transcription:

The demeanor of people absolutely can change because information is so powerful and the type of information that we talk about when we’ve discussed financial problems. People aren’t familiar with bankruptcy
terms, they don’t know how the laws work, for goodness sakes, you know here in Kansas City area the laws are very different in Missouri
than they are in Kansas.

So people are often confused and are often really needing sound advice and accurate advice on what the real legal remedies are and what their legal answers might be for their particular problem.

So when they come out with more information and when they know what is going to happen, and when they have a time line, and when they know what information we’re going to need and be able to get from them, they usually are so much, you know, so much calmer, so much more relieved and it just makes a lot of sense.