Is Bankruptcy Right for My Business?

Posted on May 27, 2015 at 3:03pm by

Kansas City Business Bankruptcy Lawyer on Warning Signs

The Sader Law Firm has helped large and small businesses in Kansas and Missouri file for bankruptcy. As Kansas City bankruptcy lawyer Neil Sader describes in this video, many of these businesses are still in operation thanks to a successful business bankruptcy. To set up a confidential consultation with an experienced business bankruptcy attorney at our law firm, where we can advise whether business bankruptcy is right for your situation.

Video Transcription:

There are a number of different things to look at in determining whether your small business may need to file bankruptcy. Number one, if you’re behind on your taxes, if you’re not filing your returns–that’s a sure sign that bankruptcy may be something that’s appropriate for you. If you’re in arrears on a bank loan, if your loan with a bank is being called, if you’re past due, if you’re getting notices of default—that, too, is a really important factor in determining whether bankruptcy might be something that is important for you to look at.

When those problems are consistent, and when they’re over a period of time, it often times signifies something that maybe there are other debts that can be managed differently that might be able to be included and discharged through a bankruptcy that could be very helpful.

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