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Have Chapter 11 Bankruptcies Increased?

Business Insider recently published an article on how Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases increased by 63 percent since last March. The article used bankruptcy filing data published by the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI). According to the data, there were 770 Chapter 11 filings this past March. There have not been this many Chapter 11 cases filed in a single month since April 2011. Why are so many Chapter 11 cases being filed? Part of the reason is because many businesses with physical locations, such as shopping mall retailers, are struggling to remain profitable. Brick-and-mortar businesses, as they are sometimes called, are experiencing severe financial difficulties. We wrote a recent blog on Toys ‘R Us that went into more detail on why these stores are struggling. Why Should Businesses File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy? Businesses may benefit from Chapter 11 bankruptcy if they are struggling financially. In fact, Chapter 11 may give…
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