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Fear, Shame And Your Underwater Mortgage

WASHINGTON – Nearly 1 in every 4 US homeowners with mortgages owe more on their home than it’s worth. Once a month, those 10.8 million are faced with a question that cuts to the core of the American Dream and offers a confusing collision between a deep-seated sense of personal obligation and a cold, simple business calculation: Should I pay my mortgage? For decades, there was only one answer for most people: Of course I should keep paying, it’s the right thing to do. Besides, the argument went, a home is a great investment. Today, in the wake of the most seismic housing collapse in the nation’s history, that logic has increasingly been challenged by homeowners despondent about their lack of options. Continue Reading… Are you considering walking away from your mortgage? If so, filing bankruptcy may be the right move for you and you’ll need a reliable Kansas City…
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Closing the Door on Foreclosure Scams

Mortgage rescue companies won’t be allowed to collect fees in advance starting this month. If you’re about to lose your home to foreclosure and the government’s poor excuse for a relief program hasn’t helped, you may be tempted to seek aid from a mortgage rescue company.

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