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Can I Protect Myself from Surprise Medical Bills?

Many people in the US continue to be hit with medical bills that were larger than what they were expecting. There are cases where insured hospital patients are surprised by medical bills in the thousands of dollars. Surprise medical bills are most likely to occur when someone is billed for the full amount by an out-of-network doctor or specialist. However, unnecessary tests or procedures can also catch you off guard. There are ways to fight and prevent unaffordable medical bills. While the following four tips may not be an option during an emergency, they could help you save money for a planned procedure or for other basic services. Check your coverage: You could make sure you are covered by insurance before receiving care at a specific hospital or clinic. Most health care centers will be able to tell you right away whether you are covered once you provide them with…
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Can New Credit Score Changes Help People with Unpaid Medical Bills?

Did you know that half of all negative marks on credit reports are related to medical expenses? For 15 million Americans, unpaid medical bills are the only negative marks on their credit reports. This problem has become worse as more Americans purchase insurance policies with high deductibles. However, recent changes to how the three credit agencies will report these blemishes could improve your credit score. Starting on September 15th, Equifax, TransUnion and Experian will wait for 180 days before adding unpaid medical bills to your credit report. At the moment, your medical bills may be reported to the credit bureaus after 30 to 120 days of nonpayment. This new waiting period will give you time to resolve disputes with your insurance company. If a hospital or doctor’s office sends you to collections, the three credit bureaus will remove the debt from your credit report once it is paid by your…
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What are Common Reasons People File for Bankruptcy?

Most people have a mortgage, credit card, student loan or other debt obligation to fulfill each month.  However, unexpected financial hardship can make paying these debts difficult or impossible. These situations often lead to other serious financial problems. For example, a person paying child support may be unable to make payments on his or her vehicle. Creditors collecting past due medical bills may seek a judgment to garnish wages. Fortunately, bankruptcy may be able to help with the following: Medical bills: Lack of coverage for illnesses and out-of-network care may cause people to incur thousands of dollars in medical bills. Excessive hospital bills can go into default and cause other financial problems. Divorce: Child support payments, alimony, legal fees and division of marital assets cause financial hardship for many people filing for divorce. Job loss or reduced income: In most cases, job loss comes with little to no warning. People…
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