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Can A Bad Credit Score Affect My Dating Prospects?

America has an unhealthy obsession with credit scores. Many people attach their self-worth or the worth of others to these constantly fluctuating numbers. People even use credit scores to make decisions about their dating lives. According to a new survey released by Bankrate.com, a personal finance website, 42 percent of Americans claim a bad credit score may be a dating deal breaker. According to Bankrate’s survey: Women are more likely than men to consider credit scores as an important factor in their dating decisions (50 percent). Thirty percent of men consider credit scores as a major factor for choosing to date others. Three quarters of the couples surveyed by Bankrate (77 percent) share bank accounts. Men and women may be less likely to date people with low credit scores because couples (especially married couples) share finances. Does A Bad Credit Score Mean I Will Be Single Forever? It is not…
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