Are You Overpaying Your Medical Bills?

For millions of Americans, medical debt creates extremely difficult financial circumstances. Past due medical bills can lead to creditor harassment, wage garnishments, and lower credit ratings. When a person is diagnosed with cancer or other illness requiring surgery and long-term treatments, the medical bills can be in the thousands of dollars. Although health insurance should cover many expenses, depending on the plan and deductible amount, patients may still have astronomically escalating bills. Millions of Americans experience this exact scenario every year, and this is on top of the emotional and physical hardship that comes with illness or an acute injury. Everyone should be aware that hospital bills are often rife with errors. It may be possible to lower the costs of erroneous medical bills with quick action. How common are medical billing errors? Statistics collected by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services show that 49 percent of Medicare claims … Continue reading Are You Overpaying Your Medical Bills?