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Watch our attorneys at The Sader Law Firm explain filing for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

What Should Someone Do If They Receive a Foreclosure Notice?

Kansas City Bankruptcy Attorney Explains Foreclosure in Missouri and Kansas The laws regarding home foreclosure notice in Kansas vary dramatically from the laws regarding foreclosure in Missouri. In this video, Kansas City bankruptcy attorney Neil Sader explains the differences between state laws and how Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help save your home, no matter in which state you live. If you are facing foreclosure or considering filing for bankruptcy and wish to speak with a Kansas City bankruptcy lawyer, call us at (816) 561 1818 or fill out our online case review form. Video Transcription: If someone receives a notice of foreclosure in Missouri, it’s very different than if they receive a notice of foreclosure in Kansas. In Missouri, if you receive a notice of foreclosure on your house, you basically have about four weeks before that foreclosure sale actually takes place on the courthouse steps, so that if you…
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What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Kansas City Bankruptcy Lawyer Discusses Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows individuals to reorganize their finances into a payment plan under the supervision of the bankruptcy court, which enables them to repay debts such as past due car and mortgage payments while discharging other debts. In the video below, a Kansas City bankruptcy attorney talks about the benefits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy, including stopping harassing calls, collection activity and wage garnishment, becoming debt free and making a fresh start financially. Video Transcription: The demeanor of people absolutely can change because information is so powerful and the type of information that we talk about when we’ve discussed financial problems. People aren’t familiar with bankruptcy terms, they don’t know how the laws work, for goodness sakes, you know here in Kansas City area the laws are very different in Missouri than they are in Kansas. So people are often confused and…
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