50 More Activity Ideas (Part 2)

Posted on May 18, 2012 at 10:56am by

When the cost of living seems so high and the pile of bills seems never-ending, here is 51-100 on our list of 100 fun, inexpensive (or free) activities to do to keep you (and your family) entertained:

51. Fly a kite
52. Knit or crochet
53. Learn another language
54. Write a letter
55. Go to the library
56. Get (or give yourself) a manicure and/or pedicure
57. Go to the movies
58. Mow (okay, maybe this is fun only for me)
59. Get to know your neighbors
60. Listen to music
61. Play (or learn to play) a musical instrument
62. Paint
63. Go paint-balling
64. Go to the park
65. Go to the dog park
66. Visit Kaleidoscope
67. Go for a picnic
68. Take pictures
69. Play in the snow
70. Play with your dog
71. Play with your kid/niece/nephew/friend’s kid
72. Play pool
73. Read a book
74. Play Rock Band
75. Rollerskate
76. Go for a run
77. Sew
78. Sing in a choir
79. Go sledding
80. Catch up on your sleep
81. Slip ‘n slide
82. Look at the stars
83. Sunbathe
84. Watch the sunrise and/or sunset
85. Watch them make marbles at the Moon Marble Company
86. Go for a swim
87. Ride a train
88. Roast marshmallows
89. Play on a intermural team
90. Volunteer
91. Wash your car
92. Have a water balloon fight
93. Window shop
94. Workout
95. Write an article or book
96. Write music
97. Have (or go to) a yard sale
98. Do yoga
99. Go to the Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead
100. Get dressed up for any reason or no reason at all.